Provide a research based free online tool community colleges can use to better support single mother students. 

According to the Institute for Women's Policy Research,1.7 million single mothers were enrolled in college during 2015-2016, with the largest share of student parents attending community colleges. Student parents are often low-income and persons of color. While student parents are at a much higher risk of leaving college without a degree than non-parent students, many community colleges are still failing to directly address their needs. College Board research shows that individuals without a college degree are more likely to be unemployed and less financially stable. Additionally, children of parents without degrees are less likely to earn a degree themselves. If barriers for low-income single mother students are not addressed, the cycle of poverty will likely continue for their children. 


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Single mothers

62% of mothers in college are raising children without a partner.

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Barriers must be removed and replaced with supports for student success.



Pedagogical practices play a vital role in single mother persistence and completion.

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