Institutional Policies

Lack of formal policy related to pregnant and parenting students leaves students unsure and unable to advocate for themselves. While use of informal policies decided on a case-by-case basis generates inequity, overly restrictive policies create barriers to completion. Below you will find postsecondary examples of and recommendations for student-parent friendly policies, as well as other helpful resources for drafting family-friendly policy. View the Syllabus Suggestions page for examples and recommendations of student-parent friendly syllabus language.
Once student-parent friendly policies are in place, it is vital institutions ensure students, faculty, and staff are aware of such policies. See the Awareness & Training page for ideas.



Brooklyn College

Brooklyn College's Policy for Children on Campus attempts to meet the needs of parenting students while at the same time assuring that there will be no disruption to other members of the College community.

Eastern College Australia

Eastern College Australia's Children on Campus Policy recognizes that there may be, on occasion, the need to bring children into classrooms, lecture theatres or offices, and provides guidance on the responsibilities of parents, staff, and administrators should that need arise.

The University of the Sunshine Coast

The University of the Sunshine Coast's Children on Campus - Managerial Policy recognizes that there will be occasions when it may be necessary for children to accompany their parent/carer on campus and is not intended to limit the full participation in study of USC parenting students.

University of Colorado - Boulder

University of Colorado - Boulder recognizes the importance that families fulfill in the lives of employees and students, and its Guidelines for Children in the Workplace and/or Classroom are intended to foster respect for the needs of all parties impacted by the presence of non-student, minor children on the campus.

Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington's Children on Campus Policy reflects the university's charter that all students are entitled to the same opportunities of education, and all staff to the same employment conditions and opportunities, regardless of their responsibilities for children.



Association of Title IX Administrators

The Association of Title IX Administrators offers recommended language for policy development related to minors and children in the classroom and on-campus.

The Pregnant Scholar

The Pregnant Scholar Model Campus Policy provides an example of how to successfully implement rules that satisfy Title IX and provide adequate support for pregnant and parenting students.
The Pregnant Scholar Model Student Breastfeeding Policy is a best practice template for campuses looking to provide space, time, and accommodations for breastfeeding students, in compliance with Title IX and other federal law.




UNICEF's content on redesigning the workplace to be family-friendly contains recommendations on breastfeeding, childcare, and parental leave policies, and much more.

United Nations - Department of Economic & Social Affairs

The United Nation's report Family-Oriented Policies for Poverty Reduction, Work-Family Balance, and Intergenerational Solidarity covers, among other topics, family-oriented anti-poverty policies in developed countries and work-family balance policies.

University of Kansas' Community Tool Box

The University of Kansas' Community Tool Box offers guidance on promoting family-friendly policies.

University of Michigan's Center for the Education of Women

The University of Michigan's Center for the Education of Women's Designing and Implementing Family-Friendly Policies in Higher Education report offers suggestions to higher education administrators for creating effective, flexible policies at their institutions. While the report primarily focuses on faculty, valuable information transferable to policies related to the whole campus community is included. 

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