Know the Facts

Student parents are at a higher risk of leaving college without a degree than students who are not parents due to a variety of difficulties parenting students face like government policies, college structures and procedures, life challenges, and lack of social support. 
Parenting students are often low-income. Research shows that individuals without a college degree are more likely to be unemployed and less financially stable. Additionally, children of parents without college degrees are less likely to earn degrees themselves. Therefore, if single mothers do not earn degrees their children will probably not either, continuing a cycle of poverty.
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The good news is there are things you can do now to increase the likelihood you will graduate and improve your children's future!
  • Know your Rights - find out what protections you have under the law as a pregnant or parenting student
  • Resources & Support - look for resources and support in your local area to get the help you need to stay in school and be successful
  • Start a Student Group - if you do not find all the resources and support you need, start a student group to advocate for what you and other single mother college students require to succeed

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