Parenting Student Program

Now that your college has removed barriers and added supports for expecting and parenting students on an institutional level, consider implementing a customized program specifically for this student population. Examine the videos, articles, books, presentations, reports, and websites below to learn about various program models and view examples from across the country.



Champlain College

Watch this video to learn about Champlain College's Single Parents Program, which provides scholarships, emergency funds, programming, one-on-one support, and much more for single parents.

Endicott College 

Endicott College's Keys to Degrees Program offers supports to young, single parents, including family housing, childcare placement, and scholarships. Watch their video to learn more.
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Generation Hope

View this video about Generation Hope, a nonprofit program that provides holistic supports like scholarships, mentoring, and various programming to help teen parents enroll and persist in college. Consider partnering with a similiar program in your area.

Institute for Women's Policy Research

Watch IWPR's webinar, Is Your Campus Family Friendly? Data and Tools to Promote Student Parent Success, to learn about making your campus family-friendly, and hear about Los Angeles Valley College's Family Resource Center.
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One Family

One Family Scholars is a nonprofit program that provides individualized coaching, scholarships, and help with indirect college costs to low-income single parents. Watch their video to learn more and consider partnering with a similiar organization in your area.

Niagara County Community College

View this video about Niagara County Community College's MOMs: Mapping Opportunities for Single Parents program, which provides a Success Couch, academic assistance, a support group, career readiness skills, and more. 

Scholar House

This video features another potential college-community partnership. Scholar House is a housing and education initiative for low-income, single parents in Kentucky. Eligible participants receive housing, on-site childcare, counseling, and a variety of programming.  



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Institute of Women's Policy Research

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Use IWPR's Student Parent Program Finder to research student parent program models around the country.

The Aspen Institute: Ascend

Review the Ascend website to discover student parent workforce develoment programs that use a dual-generational model.

The National Center for Student Parent Programs

Explore the National Center for Student Parent Programs' site to become familiar with different program models and examples.

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