Expand Social and Emotional Supports

You will find resources below to help your institution expand your college's social and emotional supports for expecting and parenting students. Resources include examples of supports at other postsecondary institutions; scholarly and professional articles, presentations and reports; the Institute for Women's Policy Research's Student Parent Program Finder, and professional organizations for counseling in higher education.



George Mason University

George Mason University's Working Moms Support Group provides a venue for faculty, staff, and students to come together, discuss issues confronting working mothers, and motivate changes on campus. The group allows members to discuss their experiences as working mothers in a friendly, nonjudgmental environment.

Minneapolis Community & Technical College

Minneapolis Community & Technical College's  Student Parent Resources and Support Group offers general support to parents on balancing school, work, family, and more.

University of Alabama

University of Alabama's Grad Parent Support group provides an innovative and accessible academic, social, and emotional support system for graduate and undergraduate students who have children. 

University of California: Berkley

University of California: Berkley's Student Parent Association for Recruitment and Retention provides a forum for student parents to discuss issues they are currently experiencing and builds a supportive, inclusive student parent community. 

University of Louisville

University of Louisville's Student Parent Support Group provides resources, information, and genuine support for student mothers empowering them to more effectively meet the needs of their personal, academic and professional lives.

University of Minnesota 

University of Minnesota's Parents as Students Support Group is a weekly meeting for undergraduate student parents to connect, develop support networks and build community

University of Toronto 

University of Toronto's Peer Mentorship Program connects experienced student-parents with parenting students seeking support. The program assists students with finding resources, services, programs, and spaces that will help with school and family balance; and provide a supportive environment and the development of a peer social group.


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Institute for Women's Policy Research

Utilize IWPR's Student Parent Program Finder to locate mentoring and other assistance programs in your community to layer supports for pregnant and parenting students.
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American College Counseling Association

ACCA strives to support and enhance the practice of college counseling, to promote ethical and responsible professional practice, and promote communication and exchange among college counselors across service areas and institutional settings.

Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors

AUCCCD is a professional community that fosters director development and success, as well as innovates, educates, and advocates for collegiate mental health.  


Community Tool Box

The University of Kansas' Community Tool Box provides guidance on creating and facilitating peer support groups.

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