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Parenting students face a variety of barriers to academic success, including financial struggles, inadequate access to child care, unwelcoming campus spaces and cultures, lack of knowledge regarding their legal rights and available supports, mental health challenges, and more.
The good news is there are steps you can take as a staff member to help increase single mother graduation rates and the likelihood of educational opportunities for their children!
Staff can begin by creating a working group to acknowledge expecting and parenting students and advocate for increased supports for this student population. Key offices can contribute by addressing student-parent barriers under their scope of work. Administrators can drive change in organizational culture by addressing issues like family-friendly policy and accessible services. Finally, staff must ensure the campus community is knowledgeable about expecting and parenting student rights and campus supports.
To learn more, explore the pages below.

working group

Find resources for launching a working group to advocate for student-parents on your campus.

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Key Offices

Learn how key offices can contribute to the success of parenting students at your institution.

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INstitutional efforts

Discover the importance of family-friendly organizational culture for parenting student achievement.

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Awareness & Training

Explore best practices related to ensuring students, staff, and faculty are aware of student rights and institutional supports.

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