Start a Working Group

Working Groups, Task Forces, Change Groups, Coalitions, or whatever you would prefer to call your group, play a vital role making change happen in higher education. These groups can build support for a cause throughout an institution starting at a grassroots level, and bring together contributors with varied skillsets and perspectives from across a college or university. Creating a working group can be a great place to start when attempting to launch a new initiative. The websites below offer advice on beginning and managing a group, with some sites specific to expecting and parenting student initiatives.

American Association of University Professors

American Association of University Professors' website provides guidance on building campus coalitions, including consciousness raising, recruitment, establishing structure and accountability,and building commitment.

Endicott College's Family Friendly Campus Toolkit

Endicott College's Family Friendly Campus Toolkit supplies a roadmap for making your college more student-parent friendly, including starting a working group (task force), assessing current institutional resources and supports, collecting institutional data, creating an action plan, and disseminating results. The kit includes sample focus group and survey documents.
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Enhancing Campus Capacity for Leadership

This book written by professors Adrianna J. Kezar and Jaime Lester a guide to grassroots leadership in higher education, including creating networks, partnering with key stakeholders, working with students, using data, gaining resources and support, and much more.

Macquarie University

Macquarie University's site provides tips on leading change in a higher education setting, including building a change team, crafting a change message, strategizing, and engaging staff.

The National Center for Student Parent Programs

Interested in hands-on assistance with your initiative? Besides online resources, the National Center for Student Parent Programs offers consulting, program evaluation, and technical assistance.
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The University of Kansas' Community Toolbox

The Community Toolbox is dedicated to organizing for community development and contains information on creating and managing partnerships; increasing participation and membership; developing strategic and action plans; advocating for change; and much more.

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